Go Easier on Your 分析师s with Automation

  • 编排
    Connect processes across your IT 和 security teams with clear communication, 协作, 和集成.

  • 自动化
    Streamline your manual, repetitive tasks with connect-和-go workflows – no code necessary.

  • 加速
    Supercharge your security operations with automation that drives efficiency – without sacrificing analyst control.


Return benefits to your organization that includes predictable outcomes as well as significant time savings.


Integrate with your existing IT 和 security systems to establish workflows that address your cyber risks faster.


Eliminate the need to write python automation scripts while still freeing up your team to get their jobs done.



Streamline 和 accelerate highly manual, time-intensive, processes 24 hours a day. With more than 300 plugins to connect your IT 和 security systems — 和 a library of customizable workflows — you’ll free up your security team to tackle bigger challenges, while still leveraging their expertise.


“当我们屏蔽一个URL时, 或域, 或IP地址, there are three or four different places we need to block it. If we use InsightConnect workflows, it’ll be blocked in the right places, every single time. 这种一致性是巨大的.”
- Ryan Fried, Senior Security Engineer

Get More Done 与InsightConnect


Incident response can be time consuming. If you’re suffering from alert fatigue, you underst和. New exploits are happening constantly. This makes keeping up a major challenge. 自动化 responses to the detection of suspect emails, user behaviors, attacker activity, 和更多的. This frees your team to tackle more challenging security issues.


自动化 Phishing Investigations 和 Responses

Phishing remains the top attack vector behind most successful breaches. 与InsightConnect, you'll move beyond manually investigating every suspect email, 附件, or URL as well as away from h和-deleting malicious emails 和 blocking phishers. 自动化这些重复的, manual tasks so you can focus on more impactful strategies to stop malicious emails from l和ing in your organization.


脆弱性管理 Automation

InsightConnect integrates with your existing IT 和 security systems to automate vulnerability management processes from notification to 修复, so you can ensure critical vulnerabilities are being patched. As part of addressing vulnerabilities, InsightConnect’s workflows enable cross-functional 协作 和 human decisioning where needed. 自动化 steps like critical vulnerability alerting, 补丁发现, 修复, 验证, 和更多的.



Leverage ChatOps systems like Slack or Microsoft Teams to increase visibility 和 coordinate incident response 和 vulnerability management processes. From these common communication tools, trigger workflows to automatically create new IT service tickets, kick off investigation 和 enrichment tasks, 查询用户, 还有更多. InsightConnect integrates with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow 和 JIRA to ensure 协作 with IT, 发展, 还有其他团队.


Investigate 和 Contain Malware

With the growing prevalence of ransomware, cryptominers, 老鼠, 和 many other forms of malware, security teams need to investigate 和 quickly respond before minor outbreaks become major. 与InsightConnect, you can automatically investigate 和 contain malware before it spreads 和 does significant damage to your organization.